Thursday, August 20, 2009

just for you

just for you on your birthday
so..happy birthday!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

dedicated to Nadia..

Happy Birthday Nadia..ur card is on the way..sabaq2! :P

gorjez paper

chantek kan art paper neh! huhu... sekeping harge rm2.50.dah le kecik je! tp sbb chantek.. pejam mate jela beli...thanks to one of my fren that suggest me to visit one craft store kat one crazy oh!! dkt sejam lepak kedai comel tuh.craft heaven kot name kedai beli nye yg ni je..mahal betol harge die..imported stuff la katekan..huhu..bru nus tau upenye bnyk craft stuff jual kat area one utama or the curve...tinggal ade duit je utk beli..heheh..

2 in 1

happy birthday n happy convocation!!
azz..hope she like it..heheh


love is a souvenir
love is a promise
never let it disappear
once given
never forgotten

hpe u guys happy ever after... thanks for ordering...

sweet azura

for her softboard a.k.a scrapbook!!